Some of the questions we are frequently asked...


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, our standard international rate is $8.99 per order.  If you are ordering more than 5 pieces check with us for shipping discounts.

What is rosin made of?

Rosin is tree sap. If you heat sap for an extended period of time, allow the terps to evaporate then cool it the rosin will have the firm texture that we are accustomed to. Rockin’ Rosin’s raw materials are sustainably harvested in the USA and we add locally collected beeswax to make it more stable. Some other rosin companies add oils, waxes or precious metals and others keep their recipe completely secret. We keep it simple and natural.

How do you shape your rosins?

Our patented process involves 3d printing a shape, making a mold from the print and pouring molten rosin to the shape.

Can you make me a _____ shaped rosin?

If we can, we’d love to. Many of our shapes are results of suggestions from players. Making a successful shape is tricky and involved! Keep in mind that an elephant’s trunk or spider legs will break easily. A tennis ball in just two dimensions looks just like other rosins. Worst all of all, our favorite superheros are copyrighted. It never hurts to toss an idea out there!

Can rosin be bad for you?

Anything can be bad for you but, generally speaking, eating rosin isn’t dangerous.   Rosin is primarily tree sap so, sniff a tree and you’re doing just about the same thing. However, some people have allergic reactions to rosin dust. If you heat or burn rosin prolonged exposure to smoke can cause asthma. Don’t eat rosin, we've tried and it isn't good. Supposedly people used to fry potatoes in rosin but we’ve never tried it and don’t suggest it. For starters, the rosin would have to be over 280 degrees... If you really want to eat tree sap then try Maple Syrup. Yum.

How Big is each piece of Rockin' Rosin?

Our sizes vary depending on the shape, between .4oz and .6oz. Generally speaking, Rockin’ Rosin shapes contain more rosin that the typical “block” of rosin, which weighs in at .4oz.